Classical Notes
title: Swan Lake Ballet Structure

  [0.] Introduction: Moderato assai Act I
  1. Scene: Allegro giusto
  2. Waltz
  3. Scene: Allegro moderato
  4. Pas de trois:
    1. Intrada (Entrée): Allegro
    2. Variation i: Andante sostenuto
    3. Variation ii: Allegro semplice
    4. Variation iii: Moderato
    5. Variation iv: Allegro
    6. Coda: Allegro vivace
  5. Pas de deux [often shifted to Act III for the Black Swan and Siegfried):
    1. Waltz in D Major
    2. Variation i: Andante - Allegro
    3. Variation ii: Waltz in B-flat Major
    4. Coda: Allegro molto vivace
  6. Pas d'action: Andantino quasi moderato
  7. Subject (Introduction to the Dance with Goblets)
  8. Goblet Dance (polonaise)
  9. Finale: Andante ("Swan Theme")
Act II
  1. Scene: Moderato ("Swan Theme")
  2. Scene (Benno's entry): Allegro moderato
  3. Scene: Allegro
  4. Dances of the Swans:
    1. Waltz in A Major
    2. Intrada: Moderato assai (Dance of the Queen)
    3. Dance of the Swans – Waltz in A-flat Major
    4. Allegro moderato (Dance of the Little Swans)
    5. Scene with violin solo (Second Dance of the Queen)
    6. General Dance: Waltz
    7. Coda: Allegro vivo
  5. Final Scene: Moderato
  1. Scene (Dance of the Fiancées): Allegro giusto
  2. Dance of the Corps de Ballet and Dwarves
  3. Scene: Fanfares, Entrance of the Guests and Waltz in A-flat Major
  4. Scene: Allegro
  5. Pas de six:
    1. Intrada: Moderato assai
    2. Variation i: Andante
    3. Variation ii: Moderato
    4. Variation iii: Allegro
    5. Variation iv: Moderato
    6. Coda: Allegro molto
  6. Hungarian Dance: Czardas
  7. Spanish Dance
  8. Neopolitan Dance
  9. Mazurka
  10. Scene: Allegro
Act IV
  1. Entr'acte: Moderato
  2. Scene: Allegro non troppo
  3. Dances of the Little Swans: Moderato
  4. Scene: Allegro agitato
  5. Final Scene: Andante, Allegro agitato

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