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by a deeply devoted fan

    ... many don't, but these really speak to me ... accounts, recordings.

Classical Classics
    ... a survey of musical masterpieces and recommended recordings.

D.W.Griffith and the Rise of Film Art
    ... a survey of D. W. Griffith's extraordinary first year of filmmaking.

Feature Articles
    ... the careers of Toscanini, Furtwängler, Bernstein, Walter, Klemperer.

   ... annotated guides to the recordings of favorite artists and editions.

Expanded Goldmine and Legal Times Columns
    ... from Legal Times and Goldmine with updates, graphics and more.

Record Reviews
    ... significant recordings  ...  together with some other observations.

Movies & Miscellany
    ... there's really more to life than classical music  ...  well, isn't there?

—  for my most recent piece on the career of Otto Klemperer, please click here  —

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